Meghan Markle Mix Up

Making your best man speech in America can prove treacherous ground thanks to some fundamental differences in the way we use the English language. We can reveal has heard that Harry is still struggling to come to terms with the lingo stateside, a place where pinching a loaf has nothing to do with theft from a bakery.

Meghan Markle was said to reeling last week when she overheard Prince Harry saying he was going out to bum a fag off someone. Unfamiliar with the British vernacular for cadging a cheeky cigarette, she thought he was having some kind of gender identity crisis, and immediately offered to move mansions in order to make things better. Harry was apoplectic and stormed off saying he didn’t need any more Omar Sherrif and he was off down the boozer to crash an oily off some punter.

Fearing some kind of meet up with a middle eastern same sex lover things then went from bad to worse when Meghan said she would come too and then asked him to grab her fanny pack.

The great news is that Meghan is learning the intricacies of British slang, however, the prince was unavailable for comment yesterday as a mix up in an LA butchers resulted in chaos when he openly declared he’d like to get his hands on some bangers.

Som the simple message is: if you’re making a speech in the US and you’re from good Old Blighty, then please remember they do things differently over there.

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