We write Bespoke Best Man Speeches

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No content?

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Using your answers, we’ll create the more meaningful parts to celebrate the groom.

With our expertise, experience and talent you will have your very own masterpiece

Ok, so  it felt great when you were asked to be Best Man didn’t it ?…but now you might need a hand to get the best man speech over the line?

Well, you’ve come to right place…

… we understand you’re short of time

… we know it’s hard pull content together

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We’ve got the perfect solution!

Are you feeling anxious about your public speaking debut? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution. For just $199, we’ll create an amazing speech and send it to you within 3 days – all yours for a showstopping performance on the big day! Enjoy total peace of mind with one simple, flat fee – and get ready to wow the crowd with a vibrant speech that you’ll be proud to deliver!

Our words. Your speech. Your glory


We have time !

It takes time to write a great speech. So many stories to go through, structure and sentiment to be considered. We understand you’re super busy


It plays an important part in a best man toast, because without it you have no balance. We write original, inclusive and warm humor. We never roast.

We relieve your stress !

We have a 100% strike rate when it comes to the success of our speeches, so you can relax knowing that when you stand up it’s going to be a hit!

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We make sure that your speech is personalised and unique.  We don’t do generic one size fits all speech, it’s just not our thing

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We think good writing should be affordable – that’s why we don’t charge the earth!

Money Back guarantee !

We only want happy clients, so we offer a money back guarantee, it’s as simple as that

Your speech matters

A Best Man speech is an honor and a privilege, it’s your opportunity to stand up and tell the world what this guy really means to you.

Nobody likes public speaking, and making a room full of people laugh is no easy matter, but if you can overcome those things, delivering a really great speech, is an unbeatable feeling.

We never lose sight of how important these speeches are to every client -this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’ll help you make it something to remember!