Making the most of life’s big and beautiful moments.

We are speech writing experts

  • 2010

    We’d all been writing professionally since college, but in 2010, after writing a lot of speeches for private clients, decided to set up a business writing best man speeches. 

  • 2011

    Having built up a great reputation by word of mouth, we created to reach even more people who need our help.

  • 2015

    After 5 years of writing great best man speeches, we hit our 500th speech – that’s 500 weddings saved! Our mission was only just beginning.

  • 2017

    Seven years into our writing venture and gained critical mass and acclaim that allowed it to become our primary business. We got an office, and bought a kettle.

  • 2023

    We finally get round to signing up to a review service! We’ve always existed on word of mouth and reputation alone, but we get it: this is a digital world!

We never forget that each speech means the world to that best man.

We only write speeches that we would be happy to deliver.

Your job is to stand up and celebrate the groom. If it goes right then it’s the best feeling in the world, get it wrong, and it will stay with you for all the worst reasons. We never lose sight of the fact that you’re entrusting us with one of the biggest speeches you’ll ever make, and that’s why we take our writing so seriously. Getting the right balance between sentiment and humor, and creating meaningful words takes a lot of skill and patience. We have that skill, patience and creativity by the bucketful. We’ve never let anyone down.

Our Promise


Original and creative

Old school thinking says a best man speech should be a dodgy introduction, a couple of even dodgier stories and then a mushy ending. We don’t work like this. All our speeches attack the best man speech from a fresh, creative and original view. We work out how to make your speech work for you, so forget all the cliches and speeches of old. that’s not how we work.


genuinely funny

Crafting an unforgettable best man speech requires a delicate balance of humor and tact. It should bring everyone together in laughter, not tear apart with off-colour jokes! Aim for warm, inclusive laughs that embrace the entire audience – no soccer team locker room vibes allowed.


The right length

When it comes to giving an epic speech, length matters! Too long and the crowd will be snoozing, too short and you won’t make your mark. Finding that sweet spot can be tricky- some situations call for brevity while others require a much longer address – but if done right, delivering the perfect speech is sure to leave them mesmerized!


No lame wedding gags

At Bestmanspeech, we specialize in more than just funny wedding jokes – we go beyond that. Our humor seeks to uncover the comedic gems in each of your answers and stories- no matter how old they may be! We don’t believe age can diminish a good joke or gag; it only improves them!