Be the best man!

A lot of guys when they come to write their best man speech, tend to get the focus of the speech a little bit muddled. In other words they see it as an exercise to talk about themselves, a subject they’re pretty keen on. So, then what follows is an awkward, few minutes, where the guests are left wondering when you’re going to mention the groom.

This obviously needs to be avoided at all costs. At the very least it’s going to make you look misguided, and at worst a self obsessed control freak…and that’s not a good look.

Sure, it’s fine to recall stories and events when you were there – that makes complete sense, but when YOU are the punchline to the story, then forget it. Don’t even be tempted to start a speech with ‘when I was asked to be best man….’ it’s another vehicle for talking about yourself, and is just meaningless filler.

This is the most basic advice, but it’s rarely followed, which is why so many best man speeches don’t work, and are the talking point later for all the wrong reasons. Stick to the basics: make it about the groom and not you, and you won’t go far wrong.