Best Man Speech – Rapper’s Delight

Making a best man speech for most guys is way out of their comfort zone, and we get that. Usually the only times you’re really required to stand up and talk out loud, are for the school play, or to explain why you’ve been passing notes in class. This is probably the root of the problem when it comes to public speaking because most of the time it’s associated with negativity. You’re either doing something you’d really not be doing, or explaining why you did something you really shouldn’t have been doing. this doesn’t get any better in adult life where that type of scenario usually ends up in a custodial sentence.

So, that’s why so many guys around the world try to find a neat way of that dilemma, or at the very least come up with something that lightens the load a little. Increasingly men are so terrified of making a speech that decide not do one at all, or invest heavily and go down the video route. Both of them amount to the same thing: you’re basically so gutless you can’t stand up and talk about someone who clearly thinks a lot of you. Get a grip.

Other guys like to pick up an acoustic guitar and knock out a funny tune for 5 minutes, quite forgetting that 5 minutes in the world of comedy songs, is about 3 years in normal time. You might think that the verses are just getting funnier and funnier, but just like the poem format, it begins to grate very quickly.

Of course the perfect combination of the song and the poem, is the wedding rap. Now, we really don’t care too much for tradition, so if something works but goes against the perceived idea of what’s ok at a wedding, then we’re fine with it. And when it comes to the wedding rap…we’re really not fine.

You might think we would say that because we’re speech writers, but many guys are not going to use our service, and so this is for them. There’s a good reason why most great rappers are streetwise, hussle meisters with an edge the size of the Golden Gate bridge, because that’s what it takes to pull it off. Yes, Ed Sheeran is a white ginger nerd type, but with the exception of all the multi millionaire rappers he’s made godparents to his son, everyone else thinks he’s a joke. You could say you were doing it in a post modern ironic way…that might work for the young people there, but try explaining that to Uncle Terry.

Just as someone should have said to Ed Sheeran, leave the rapping to the professionals and stick to what you can do. Failing that draw inspiration from Grandmaster Melle Mel and The Furious Five’s Whitelines…d-d-d-d-d-d-don’t do it, do it, do it…baby.