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Just complete a few super simple questions and we’ll put together a bespoke template layout that works perfectly for you.

We’ll write an original, very entertaining and personal bespoke speech, and throw in a Delivery Tutorial Video, for $99.

  1. Worried about being funny…we are professional comedy writers.
  2. Don’t have any content…we have hyper imaginations.
  3. Running out of time…we’re here, it’s never too late!
  4. Not good with words…we are professional wordsmiths.
  5. Worried about the expectation…we always get standing ovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Process

How much does the service cost?

There is a one off fee of $99. This is payable at the beginning of the process on this website. You are fully protected by the online purchasing guarantees from your credit or debit card, and the padlock in your browser denotes a secure website.

How long does the process take?

You can complete the answers in your own time, saving and continuing at your own pace. Once you’ve submitted those answers you will receive your speech 3 hours later.

Are there any amendments with this service?

There is no editing or amendments available with this service. Through vast experience we’ve found that most people want to make their own finishing touches, and so to keep the costs down we’ve factored that into the service we offer.

What if I’m not happy?

We always work very hard to ensure that every client is thoroughly happy, however, if the speech fails to meet your expectations, then we’ll happily give you a full refund.

About us

Who are we ?

We are a very experienced collective of freelance writers who have been writing professionally for many years. We  have vast experience for writing for clients all over the world. 

How can you make it sound like ‘me’ ?

Making a speech sound like somebody you don’t know might sound impossible, but thanks to lots of experience we know precisely how to do this. The way you answer your questions, the words you use all help us to build a picture of you. Where you live, your job, hobbies etc. all dictate your social and cultural references and therefore what words and phrases you would use. In other words, we know how to pick out all the pieces to make it sound like you.

How can you make it sound original ?

We don’t use dodgy wedding gags, we don’t use any of the old cliched one liners. We look at all your answers and work out how to generate original comedy from those.

Will anyone find out ?

Not from us they won’t! This is a completely discreet service, so nobody wil find out. We won’t contact you after the event and we don’t use your email address for marketing purposes.


How can I trust you ?

Great question! Well, we’ve just signed up to an independent Google review system and we only get 5 star reviews on that, but more than anything we just want to do a great job. So, if you’re not happy, it’s your money back no questions asked!

What is your refund policy ?

Simple – 100% money back if you’re not happy!

Can I see some of your work ?

Unfortunately we can’t offer this, as many people have just used it as a way of getting a free speech, and everything we write is totally confidential, so we can’t send it to anyone!

3 solutions in 1 !


A really great Speech

Giving you peace of mind, an end to sleepless nights and allows you to enjoy the day and feel confident


Delivery Tutorial Video

 You’ve got to know how to deliver a great best man speech. We’ll show you how to ace it in our dedicated video.


Essential BestMan Checklist

There are many Best Man duties apart from the speech, so we’ve got them covered them in our Best Man Checklist

Why use our service?


It’s YOUR Best Man speech, so we never forget how important that responsibility is


You’ve got one chance to make it happen, so why leave it to chance?


We’re experts at making your speech sound funny, entertaining and genuinely personal


All you have to do is focus on learning it and perfecting the delivery!


It’s great value so it’s a no brainer!

“A quick and easy service. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough!”

Andy, Stoke Newington